5 Ways To Get Your Business Ready For The New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate in the U.S. Even as lockdowns and business closures are easing in many areas, the effects are going to be with us for a long time.

Changes like social distancing, protective masks, and increased virtual approaches to minimize personal contact would have seemed like something out of a science fiction novel in February. But these measures are going to become a way of life for the foreseeable future.

As we shift into the new normal, we will see fundamental changes across the business community. No industry will be spared some degree of change, and many industries are undergoing radical shifts in the way they operate and succeed.

For business owners, the clock is ticking on planning success in the new normal. The sooner you recognize the changes needed in your business, the quicker you will be able to navigate your recovery. Here are five tips to guide your process.

1) Look Closely

Now is the time to put every aspect of your business under the microscope and ask, “What changes should I make now with COVID-19 impact and precautions in mind?”

This is the vital first step to take before you try to reopen. Look ahead and plan how you will operate going forward. If you just jump into business without this step, it’s likely you will hit a roadblock you overlooked due to lack of planning.

2) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

I cannot stress this enough. Communicate with your entire team, and keep on communicating. Work to achieve 100% alignment and understanding on all levels of your organization. Everyone needs to see clearly the changes that you are implementing and why they are necessary.

Keep the communication going with all employees. Don’t just communicate new policies and actions, but reinforce your company culture and your commitment to protecting your staff, too

3) Make Safety Your Priority

Maintain safety for your employees, customers and suppliers as your top priority. Consider your own stockpile of personal protective equipment and partner with a solid, reliable supply chain to keep your entire organization safe and protected; not just now but in the future, too.

Review, revise and realign both your human resources guidelines and your internal guidelines for remote work to ensure that your entire organization knows what to expect if we are faced with this again. This will reduce fear and uncertainty.

4) Look for New Opportunities

Evaluate if there are any new opportunities for your business to grow or enter a new, different niche or vertical during these times. While the pandemic has impacted businesses in negative ways, it’s possible that it has created new opportunities for products or services that were lower-profile in the past to come to the forefront.

5) Follow Through

The four previous tips can’t be a “flavor of the day” and fade away over time. Follow through on these initiatives and be sure you walk the talk and lead by example. If you don’t, your entire organization will see your lack of follow-through, and it will undermine your credibility. Especially now, coming out of the pandemic, everyone needs a consistent, dependable leader to follow.

In this time, it’s vital that business leaders not lose sight of their people, their employees, and their teams. These are your most important assets. Remember, the one constant for the future is that it will change and evolve. To maximize your opportunities and continually position your organization for success, you must change with the times and evolve for success.

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